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Fruit Mania

Fruit Mania – Fruity Fun Free of Charge at the Press of a Button

Fruity fruits don’t just look good on a plate. They can also mean a world of fun. The slot classic Fruit Mania doesn’t just delve into a big fruit cocktail, but rather offers you all sorts of slot-spinning fun and excitement on a total of five reels. And if i.e. an orange, melons, grapes or cherries should show up, there’ll be all sorts of Chips.Things will get really lucrative when the seven shows up. As a bet of 160 Chips, the virtual fruit salad starts spinning.

What is Fruit Mania and how do I play it?

Fruit Mania is one of the absolute slot classics and feature the conventional fruit symbols. It’s played on five reels and the win line is determined from left to right. If the symbols should show up two or three times, you’ve got your first winnings. If the red cherry shows up on the virtual fruit plate, you can gain a win as of one symbol. This will increase if the seven shows up as well. If you get five of the same symbols, you’ve got the highest winning. Fruit Mania can be played manually or automatically. In the manual mode, you start by selecting the bet. That bet has to be at least 160 Chips. The maximum bet consists of 176 000 Chips. The number of lines always remains at five. Any winnings can be once again put on the line with a card risk and then increased – or lost. You determine whether the next card is red or black. If you’re right, you’ll win even more Chips. If not, you’ll you’re your entire bet, and thus, your winnings.

How do I win when playing Fruit Mania?

The symbols for winning in Fruit Mania are common with many other slots of this sort, so there aren’t many surprises. What you have are lemons, grapes, melons, oranges or cherries. If the number seven should show up on the reels, you’ll get a clearly bigger win. If that number shows up five times, you can book the highest win to your Chips account. If you feel like getting a shot at additional winnings, you can play the game of risk. With that, you can try to increase your winnings once again. If you’ve won on a line, you can make use of the Chip number to challenge your luck once again. For this, select whether the upcoming card will be red or black and place your trust into mother luck. If she’s on your side, your winnings will once again be enhanced. If your tip is incorrect, you’ll lose your entire Chips bet. A special feature for this slot classic is that you can select the ladder of risk. If you click on the button, you‘ll land on the next highest step in the ladder should you win. In the case of loss, you’ll also drop down a step. Please denote: If you’re playing via automatic start, you cannot make use of the ladder of risk.

The Fruit Mania symbols

There are several win options possible when various fruit symbols and the number 7 show up on the reels. There are five win lines – this is a given. The minimum bet consists of 160 Chips. What you can win under these conditions is displayed below:

  • Bell:
    • 5x: 400 000
    • 4x: 80 000
    • 3x: 8000
  • Seven:
    • 5x: 800 000
    • 4x: 160 000
    • 3x: 16 000
  • Orange:
    • 5x: 32 000
    • 4x: 16 000
    • 3x: 3200
  • Lemons:
    • 5x: 32 000
    • 4x: 16 000
    • 3x: 3200
  • Cherry:
    • 5x: 32 000
    • 4x: 16 000
    • 3x: 3200
    • 2x: 800
  • Melon/Grape:
    • 5x: 160 000
    • 4x: 32 000
    • 3x: 6400

Play Fruit Mania free of charge

You can play Fruit Mania free of charge. You just need to register. You get a certain number of Chips in order to kick things off right away. Make use of them with exciting slot classics. Then log in daily to play other Jackpot games and profit from additional Chip credits and bonuses. Enjoy the feeling created when that silly fruit dances to your tune! In the mood for a virtual fruit salad? Simply register free of charge with an email address and get those reels in motion.