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Your Free2play online casino

You’re doing everything right - you’re now in Germany’s top social online casino! Here you’ll find a huge variety of slots that you can play free of charge, around the clock. Without having to pay a cent of real money, you can play any number of hundreds of slots and win gobs of Chips, thus multiplying the free Chips you start off with. Please denote that you’ll need to be 18 years of age to play in our casino.

The advantages you’ll enjoy!

The best part of it all is that our casino is completely free of charge to play and is developed right here in Germany! Play online games, participate in a number of events, and show our community just what you’re made of. Cool, realistic slots from the world of real money casinos can now be played wherever you are, be it on the road, with friends, on vacation or right in the comfort of your own four walls. Your social casino is always ready for you just stop on by and have some fun.Battle for the jackpot every day and gain huge winnings while having the opportunity to pick up free Chips several times a day, every day. Seriously, you ask? But of course! After all, we are “Made in Germany” and offer you the best in slot-spinning entertainment.

Our casino, right from Las Vegas and now in the comfort of your living room. Are you ready for it? Several times a day, you can spin our Magic Bonus Wheel, which always provides you with new Chips. Our “one-arm bandit” awaits you and whatever tactics you want to develop. Will you be able to win the jackpot? Can you pull off the same kinds of tricks the pros use? Come get those big winnings right in your browser or your mobile phone and become a king of the slots!It is your simulator - your Las Vegas right in your living room. Or at the bus stop. Or in the train - right on your smartphone wherever you are or right in the comfort of your four walls. You can do it in Germany or anywhere else in Europe or across the planet. Slots without making any payment, with bonuses, and so much more. That’s what we’re all about!

Realistic slots from providers such as NetEnt, Merkur, Spinomenal, Gamomat or myJackpot

Serious online slot machines from the planet’s biggest producers await you. Many of them are set up in the classic manner the world has come to know and love wherever slots are played. Others feature all sorts of bonus games and offer you entertainment for hours on end. This is all naturally completely free of charge. One-arm bandit? No problem - your click gets those reels rolling. Hit the jackpot and play your way to all sorts of Chips riches!You’re at least 18-years old? Then the doors are open for you to come create and refine your slot-playing strategies in order to rake in the Chips big-time. Special gaming features such as Respins of Amun-Re, Red Hot Firepot, Golden Nights or Crazy Chicken Shooter are there to pep up your experience. Just pick whatever slot you feel like playing!

Frequent questions about playing slots:

F: How do I win?

A: You can be a winner with any and every spin you make in any of our slots. Naturally, it’s all a matter of luck, but independent of how much you decide to bet with each spin, you could end up with some huge Chip winnings. That is naturally dependent upon the amount of win lines and the respective symbol alignment, their sequence, and the numbers that show up on the reels. You’ll find a help or FAQ button in every single slot, where you’ll be able to find an explanation for how the win lines work and what other functions can have an effect on your winnings.

F: What is a jackpot?

A: A jackpot is basically the highest form of winning in a slot. Not every slot features a jackpot, but if you hit it, you’ll win the main prize right then and there. Before a jackpot is distributed, you’ll see a jackpot reel. You then spin it and should it end up on “Jackpot”, you’ll receive the entire sum of the winnings. But you could also end up winning just a portion of the jackpot, depending on where the reel lands for you.
F: What are free spins?
A: When certain symbols show up on the reels, they could lead to free spins. These are the number of spins that are not deducted from your Chips account balance. Thus, you can only win here. You will not lose a thing.
F: What are feature games?
A: Some slots offer extra games, the so-called feature games. Often, you can do something such as bet the winnings you just obtained and look to double them or make more - or lose more - out of your Chips through other mechanisms. It all comes down to your readiness to take a risk.
F: Can I have my winnings paid out in real money?
A: Ours is simply a pure social casino and that means that your winnings naturally cannot be paid out in the form of real money. Thus, a key reason why “no deposit” is necessary.
F: How old do you have to be to play the slots?
A: Slots can be played by people 18-years old and older. Our casino is geared towards an adult audience.